Our Vision

To create a better everyday life for kids facing speech and communication difficulties by offering products like Bolo that eases Urdu-language learning and bring together an active community of trainers from around the world.


What BoloTech Does

BoloTech is a health startup that has developed a speech therapy tools to assist people with speech impediments. Our easy-to-use portal enables verbal interaction of individuals with speech disorders with caretakers, parents and health professionals, accessing their performance and improving their efficiency in speech. We have clinical and home-based therapy solutions to facilitate your speech and communication difficulties primarily in Urdu. We are committed to bettering and improving the quality of life for people with speech, language, and cognitive difficulties.


Customised videos, images & audios to help with correct pronounciation.


Lesson plans based on Urdu Qaida to help with alphabets, words and sentence construction.


Interactive and playful games to improve speech.

Our Products


BoloTech is an AAC ( Augmentative and Alternative Communication) tool that helps in overcoming congenital disabilities. This platform has lesson plans and curriculum designed under the supervision of well-known speech therapists.


Bolfun is an advance level skill builder game that prompts for small daily life conversation. The visuals move and completes like a puzzle with every correctly pronounced sentence.

Basket Ball

This game is an addition to our skill building curriculum which builds cognitive ability to learn. It teaches the phoenix and sounds of letters and works on clarity of speech.

Fun & Learn

This game is meant for pure entertainment and play purposes. The prompts use enforce better learning and works on memorability skills.

Meet Our Team

We are a group of skilled individuals
Rabab Fatima

Rabab Fatima


Rabab Fatima, belonging from a family of your everyday engineers, accountants, medical personnel and even chef, is a young graduate in Software Engineering from Jinnah University for Women. Starting off her career as the Co-Founder of the clinical software BoloTech. Rabab is a passionate young lady with a taste for adventure who uses her artistic vision and enthusiasm to tackle whatever comes her way, she brings new light to the phrase "DREAM IT ACHIEVE IT".

Shanza Khan Shahani

Shanza Khan Shahani


Shanza is a Software Engineer from Jinnah University for Women. She started her career as the Co-Founder of BoloTech. Shanza is a courageous and lively young women who always takes matters into her own hand and sees them through to the end using her initiative and creativity. Despite being career oriented she has a soft sides for chocolates, music and rainy weathers. This rebellious girl loves to break social norms.

Haider Ali Shafqat

Haider Ali Shafqat

Researcher And Developer
Zarrak Khan

Zarrak Khan

Marketing And Outreach Manager





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