What BoloTech Does

Our platform improves coodination of speech muscles, enhances language fluency, builds confidence and self esteem, using positive reinforcement and visual/auditory aids. This platform has lesson plans and curriculum designed under the supervision of well-known speech therapists. It will be a helping hand for therapists while providing their sessions. The patients can also try the assignments at home and their progress will be saved in the form of report that will be available for the therapist. If the progress of the patient seems satisfactory, then he/she can move on to the next lesson.


Customised videos, images & audios to help with correct pronounciation.


Lesson plans based on Urdu Qaida to help with alphabet, word and sentence construction.


Interactive, playful games to improve speech.

Our Vision

To create a better everyday life for kids facing speech and communication difficulties by offering products like Bolo that ease Urdu-language learning and bring together an active community of trainers from around the world.

Meet Our Team

We are a group of skilled individuals
Rabab Fatima

Rabab Fatima


Coming from a family having Engineers, Accountant, Medical related people and chef, Rabab Fatima, 23, is a Software Graduate from Jinnah University for Women and has started her career with BoloTech. Rabab’s professional interests focus on programming, coding and animation. Not only is she a pro when it comes to designing, but she has a keen sight on casual things with totally different perspective.“Dream it, Achieve it” that’s what Rabab believe.

Shanza Khan Shahani

Shanza Khan Shahani


23 years old Shanza is a Software graduate from Jinnah University for Women. She started her career with BoloTech. Shanza is passionate about programming and she love what she does.
When not coding, she thoroughly enjoys listening good music and reading novels. She have a huge love for chocolates and rain. Apart from being goal oriented and dedicated to work, this rebellious girl loves to break social norms.

Haider Ali Shafqat

Haider Ali Shafqat

Researcher And Developer
Ahsan Siddiqui

Ahsan Siddiqui

Game Designer
Munib Deshmukh

Munib Deshmukh

Software Developer
Mohsin Siddiqui

Mohsin Siddiqui

Game Developer





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