“The only DISABILITY in life is Bad Attitude”

Ever wonder how it feels to not able to chat, convey your words or even utter the most important things in your life. Frustrating, right? Well approx 2.4 million of our people have to deal with this matter daily.

Yes, 13% of the Pakistani population suffers from speech and communication disorder. And regrettably, we do not have much resources to go in advance monitoring. There are not many speech therapists accessible in Pakistan, and those who are available, are mostly out of a common person’s league and they charge a fortune for a single visit.

The two techy entrepreneurs, Shanza Khan and Rabab Fatima, have taken a step to make the lives of many inarticulate people easier. These girls have developed a software which will help the people suffering from speech disorders and will assist them  to improve their articulation.

BoloTech is basically offering speech therapy supported by different exercises, audios, videos and games. It furthermore allows people who are distressed from speech disorder to connect them with speech therapists from all over Pakistan.

This software aims to bridge the gap between the patients and therapists. And will serve to decrease the cost.

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BoloTech is a health startup that has developed a speech therapy tool to assist people with speech impediments. Our easy-to-use portal enables verbal interaction of individuals with speech disorders with caretakers, parents and health professionals, accessing their performance. It has clinical and home-based therapy solutions to facilitate your speech and communication difficulty primarily in Urdu. We are committed to inclusion and improving the quality of life for people with speech, language, and cognitive difficulties.

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