BoloTech is an AAC ( Augmentative and Alternative Communication) tool that helps in overcoming congenital disabilities. This platform has lesson plans and curriculum designed under the supervision of well-known speech therapists.


We have Designed Special games for the kids to improve their memory, cognitive and speaking skills
These games can be used to teach and reinforce turn taking, joint attention, eye contact and non-verbal communication. These games require little language but can be used to teach some basic vocabulary as well.


Basket Ball

This game is an addition to our skill building curriculum which builds cognitive ability to learn. It teaches the phoenix and sounds of letters and works on clarity of speech.


Bolfun is an advance level skill builder game that prompts for small daily life conversation. The visuals move and completes like a puzzle with every correctly pronounced sentence.

Fun & Learn

This game is meant for pure entertainment and play purposes. The prompts use enforce better learning and works on memorability skills.