Roughly 66% of kids get no less than one middle-ear infection (otitis media) by age 3, and 33% of these kids will experience with minimum three episodes.

Children with these infections frequently encounter fluctuating hearing loss. This kind of hearing loss can be hard to recognize, yet can majorly effect on language and speech- sound procurement.

Listed below are some tips which can help you to detect the possible infection in the infants or children in their growing age.

  • Sleeplessness:  If the child is encountering discontinuous sleeping patterns, this could be a signal for the infection.
  • Unambuiguity in speech: If you notice a more mumbled speech, this can be one of the reasons for hearing infection.
  • Bedtime blues: If the child gets upset when they lie down, this might mean they feel pressure up within the middle ear.
  • Confused response: If the child is responding with “huh?”s  and “hmm?”s, it doesn’t means that they are ignoring you. This can be an indication as well.
  • Stomach Problems: One of the signals that is always neglected because of being minor is tummy troubles. If the child is having diarrhea, vomiting or diminished appetite, it may point towards the ear infection.

If you observe the above behaviors in the child, then do not delay to consult a good audiologist. Because,

It’s better to be safe, than sorry.

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